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mataji is the respectful form of address for mother and grandmother in Hindi.

Traditionally in India, the mother takes care of the family’s diet. Usually she gets up early in the morning as the first member of the family to prepare the food.
In the villages, almost every family has its own garden where fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown. These are harvested and freshly prepared. Therefore we buy our ingredients for mataji’s kitchen daily fresh from our region. Fresh herbs and natural spices belong to a healthy pleasure for us – without flavour enhancers and artificial colourings. In our small kitchen we cook according to Indian family recipes – like mataji. In addition to meat and fish specialities, we also offer vegetarian and vegan dishes.

When you enter mataji’s kitchen, you become part of the family. We invite you to get to know our kitchen and wish you a good appetite.

You are also welcome to order our dishes. By telephone
you reach us under 089 / 66 079 655 or 0176 / 455 720 41. Or you
use our online delivery service. We deliver your order to you
or you can pick them up at our place.